A Day in the Life of: Computer & Information Technology

Computing and Information Technology is a college department that offers free service to all Geneseo students and staff. CIT is a place where one can go if they need help with their computers. Whether it has a virus and is running slowly or you're having problems hooking up a Vista computer to the wireless network, CIT is available to help.

Theo Fadel, a senior, has been working there for about a year and a half now.

"I just applied for the job and got it," he said. "You have to have a little more knowledge of computers than most people but nothing too technical." The job itself is relatively low key; workers are either on the phone or on tech, when they fix the computers that students brought in.

"There are about eight in right now, a lot of people brought their computers home and their friends went on them and now there is something wrong with the computer," Fadel said. "Also, a lot of the time people's computers have problems converting from their home internet to the school's."

Over the phone, students can call in with problems they are having and CIT attempts to fix those problems over the phone if that is possible; if not the student needs to bring the computer in themselves.

"Most of the time computers come in in waves," said Fadel. "There will be a week when we'll get a lot of computers with the same virus, or the same spyware problems. It is easy to get rid of if you know how to. Occasionally we will have someone bring in a computer that's running really slowly because they don't have anti-virus protection and they've never really cleaned out their computers so it is full of spyware that we'll have to get rid of."

They try to get the computers out as quickly as possible. "If it's not a bad problem it could take a day or two," said Fadel. "But if it has gotten really bad with all the viruses then it could take about five days to a week." If there is a problem with the software itself then it would need to be sent to the actual company.

"The job is pretty easy," stated Fadel. "The one thing that does frustrate me is that sometimes students expect instant gratification. They will want their problems solved instantly over the phone and sometimes that is just not possible. Occasionally it might take a little longer to fix it."