Square dance a favorite community tradition

On Saturday, Nov. 10, a square dance featuring the Geneseo String Band filled the Union Ballroom from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. The event price was only $3 for the general public and $1 for SUNY Geneseo students.

The atmosphere was as upbeat as it was enthusiastic. The event was incredibly well-attended and mixed older community members with college students. Some of the community members even chose to dress up in traditional square dancing attire, enhancing the already country-themed atmosphere.

The event, which has taken place annually for over 25 years, featured many different kinds of square dancing, including traditional eight-person square dancing, couples waltzin, and circle dances. All of the dances were energizing, and although some were more difficult than others, more experienced community members readily lent a helping hand to anyone seeking assistance.

The event would not have been possible without the outstanding music provided by the Geneseo String Band. The string band prepared a total of 30-40 upbeat tunes for the square dance that had everyone hand clapping, knee slapping and simply having a great time.

According to String Band director and square dance organizer Jim Kimball, the absolute best part of the Geneseo's square dance was, "the people and the energy that fills the room."

Regarding improvements to the square dance in the future, Kimball explained, "The square dance is just like apple pie; there is no use in changing something that's already great."

Despite the fact that everyone in the Union Ballroom appeared to be having an excellent time, many students expressed that they originally were a little apprehensive to step away from their normal Friday night college rituals and attend the dance.

"I didn't know if I would enjoy that type of dancing, but my friends and I ended up having such a great time," sophomore Jessica Cervini said. "I would definitely do it again."