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Just for the Guys

In these days of acronyms, here's one that all you guys should pay attention to: TSE - Testicular Self Exam. TSE is a simple and effective way for men to recognize early signs and symptoms of testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer is one of the most frequent types of cancer in men ages 18 to 35, and it can occur anytime after the age of 15. Caught early, however, this cancer is also one of the most curable kinds. The risk of testicular cancer is higher in men whose testicles did not descend normally. This means that during childhood development, the testicles didn't move down from the lower abdomen into the scrotum.

Other risk factors for testicular cancer include family history, occupational risks, cancer of the other testicle or injury to the testicles. TSE should be done once a month, after a shower. The heat helps the scrotum relax, making it easier to find anything unusual. The procedure itself is simple and should only take a few minutes. Doing TSE on a regular basis will help you become familiar with the size and feel of your testicles and can help you detect any changes if they occur.

Lumps are not always cancer. But, if you notice a lump, enlargement, tenderness or other unexplained changes in your testicles, talk to a medical provider right away. Instructions for doing TSE can be found in the Self-Care Center at Health Services or on-line at

Question: Will drinking beer make me fat?

Answer: Getting "fat" is a bit more complicated than being directly related to the ingestion of beer. Beer is a food. Weight gain is, to a large extent, a result of the equation:

(FOOD ± Activity) X your metabolism = change in weight

If you drink a lot of beer (or any alcoholic beverage) there is a considerable amount of calorie intake. While the calories in beer are not quite as bad as the "empty" calories of carbonated pure sugar sodas, for example, any added calorie intake (energy) without a matching rise in energy usage, results in a surplus that the body converts and stores as fat.

Say you drink two beers an evening/two to three times a week: what might be a more likely source of your weight gain/intake increase isn't the beer, but rather the chips/dip/subs/ wings/pizza that went with it! If a typical dinner is two beers and 24 chicken wings or half a pizza, many of the calories are not coming from brown bottles. Beer styles and brands can vary from 100-170 calories. A 16 oz. Pepsi can contain 150-160 calories. A Pizza Hut slice (335 cal.) is more, and has 12-15 grams of fat as well.

So, when intake exceeds output, you will tend to get fat. Too many beers can sometimes result in late night snack attacks. Take it in moderation. For every two beers, have a big glass of water. Eat some veggies and skip that last big slice of pizza. Find the gym or go running three days a week. Make a rule for yourself: No workout, no beer! Burn it to earn it! Another thought is to drink beer for pleasure, and go for quality, not quantity. Drink slowly, eat slower. Enjoy in moderation.

Question: How would an uncircumcised guy put on a condom?

Answer: The general consensus is that the foreskin should be rolled back before placing the condom on the head of the penis. Using a bit of lube on the inside of the condom should increase pleasure and allow the foreskin to move naturally within the condom. Another good idea is to try out different sized condoms that may fit an uncircumcised penis better.

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