Wadsworth takes town supervisor race

Residents and students alike cast their votes on Tuesday for town supervisor and two town council members. Republican William Wadsworth was elected supervisor and incumbent Conservative Line town council members David Dwyer and "Hop" Manapol were reelected.

Polling numbers for Geneseo races were posted beginning at around 9:50 p.m. on Tuesday evening. The final results were posted about a half an hour later and confirmed Wadsworth's victory with 826 votes. Wes Kennison (Conservative Line) rallied 597 votes, Bob Wilcox (Democrat) 506 votes and Corrin Strong (Geneseo First) 387 votes.

Dwyer received a clear majority for town council with 1,344 votes and Manapol with 954. In a close third place was Patti LaVigne (Republican) with 808 votes, while John Zmich (Democrat) received 741 votes and Sally Wood (Democrat) received 583.

Defeated supervisor candidate Strong released a statement on Tuesday night after the results were announced.

"Obviously I am disappointed by the election results which will continue a strong pro-Lowe's majority on the town board," he said. "I continue to believe, however, that the [Planned Development District] process being used to advance this proposal is legally improper and it will be challenged in the courts at the appropriate time. I will also continue my efforts through Please Don't Destroy Geneseo to make sure that any adverse environmental impacts on traffic and community character are properly considered and mitigated."

Attempts to reach other candidates were unsuccessful.

Only a very small handful of town residents were present when the outcome was announced. Harold Stewart, former town supervisor before Kennison, and his wife, Kathy, eagerly awaited the results.

Stewart said he believed that a main factor in the outcome of the election was the Lowe's issue. "There was opposition when the Wal-Mart and Wegman's came in too," he said.

He expressed his belief that economic growth through development was the practical thing to do and said, "The Gateway [District] was meant to keep things from going down 20A."

According to junior Fiona Murray, member of Think Globally Vote Locally, student turnout at the polling site, the Interfaith Center, District 2, was approximately 171 individuals, which was, "more than the last local election in 2005 with 129 votes."

Elections also took place at the County level. Republican John J. Ark was elected for County Supreme Court with 6,137 votes, Carolyn D. Taylor (Republican) for county treasurer with 6,471 votes and Joseph A. Caluorie Jr. (Republican) for county coroner with 6,135 votes.

A breakdown of the votes by party and the results for other local elections can be found at the Livingston County Board of Elections Web site at www.co.livingston.state.ny.us/boe.htm.