Under the Knife: Geneseo Chinese Culture Club

Most students enjoy the occasional serving of Americanized Chinese food. But the greasy goodness we all know and love may be the only aspect of Chinese culture that most of us have experienced. And considering the fact that the American version of Chinese food is hardly a good representation in itself, the Geneseo Chinese Cultural Club may be Geneseo's finest resource for insight into and the experience of Chinese culture.

Every Thursday evening at approximately 7 p.m., GCCC meets in the Fireside Lounge of the Union. The meetings welcome anyone, including those who are not of Chinese descent. GCCC has roughly 30 members and is advised by Dr. Chi-Ming Tang, professor of mathematics. As president of GCCC, junior Joanne Yen aims "to further the understanding and acceptance of Chinese culture and to create an environment where students can feel comfortable and welcome."

Agnes Yau, junior and vice president of GCCC, also has many responsibilities. She helps to plan and execute events while helping the rest of the club and E-board. She encourages those who are interested in the club and Chinese culture to express their interest as well. "I am available for anyone who is interested in the Chinese culture in general," Yau stated.

This past Saturday, GCCC held China Night in the Union Ballroom. Authentic and modern Chinese food was served along with a skit and dance performance. Upcoming events for GCCC include a Mahjong tournament, a Chinese New Year Banquet, Riddle Night and a Dumpling Festival. These events will take place throughout spring semester.

Mahjong is a two to four person game that requires skills of observation, memory, and luck for most. The object of the game is to build complete suits - or melds - usually of threes, from either 13 or 16 tiles. The first person to achieve this goal wins the game. The winning tile completes the player's set of either 14 or 17 tiles.

"Mahjong is a very popular game in China," Yau said. "GCCC would like to promote it here and get people interested in it. The game is very addicting while not too hard to learn," she said. She also encourages students to come to the tournament to socialize and meet new people.

The Chinese New Year banquet is held in Henrietta. "Amazing Chinese food in a very nice authentic Chinese restaurant" is how Yau described it. The banquet will be held to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which falls on Feb. 7, 2008.

Riddle Night will be similar to the Mahjong tournament, but riddles and snacks will be the alternative to playing Mahjong.

Finally, the Dumpling Festival is a celebration for seniors who are graduating. The Dumpling Festival is similar to the Moon Festival that took place in September. "It is a great way to gather and meet new people," Yau reiterated.