Police seek three vehicles in student's death

Police are looking for three vehicles in connection with the Saturday hit-and-run death of Geneseo junior Kaitlin Charity.

Charity, 20, was killed in the northbound lanes of I-390 in the town of Groveland Saturday morning, police said. She was returning to school when she was pulled over at approximately 6:30 a.m. by a state trooper who issued her a speeding ticket, then took off to pursue another car.

Police said Charity then left her car to go the bathroom on the side of the road, and upon returning to her car was struck and killed. Her body was found later that morning when a passing motorist called police.

Police said there is a possibility the driver who hit Charity did not know she was struck.

The Livingston County Sheriff's Department is looking for three cars that deputies said were seen in the area of the accident.

The first is a red or maroon minivan seen along the side of the road with damage to its hood and possibly leaking fluid. The second is a blue or teal passenger car seen parked behind the minivan, and the third is a white Peterbilt 18-wheeler with a double sleeper pulling a refrigerated trailer with stainless steel doors. That vehicle may have also been leaking fluid.

Police are asking anyone with information about these vehicles to call 911, the State Police or the Livingston County Sheriff's Department at 585-243-7100.

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