Town supervisor candidates, on the record

The recent push for Geneseo students to vote locally may largely influence the outcome of the local election for town supervisor this fall. Four candidates are running with very different perspectives on the issues they believe impact the Geneseo community the most.

Incumbent Wes Kennison, county legislator and humanities professor at Geneseo, is running under the Conservative Line after losing the Democratic nomination to Bob Wilcox at the Aug. 9 caucus. A Geneseo graduate, Kennison was elected in 1999 and has been in office for eight years.

Democratic candidate Bob Wilcox was elected as village trustee and deputy mayor in 2004 and is a 30-year resident of Geneseo. He is also the town tourism chair and has 28 years of experience in both small and large business.

Lifelong Geneseo resident and Republican candidate William Wadsworth is a local businessman with experience in operating independent businesses in Geneseo, including one on Main Street.

Corrin Strong, founder of activist group Please Don't Destroy Geneseo, is running as an independent under the Geneseo First Party after losing the Republican caucus on Aug. 4. Strong boasts experience as a farmer, businessman and politician. He also published a local newspaper, The Lake and Valley Clarion, for 18 years. The newspaper is no longer in circulation, but Strong continues to publish an online column and news blog, "The Clarion Call." He also ran for mayor in 2006.

Issues the candidates stand on, summarized in the chart below, range from the possible construction of a Lowe's in Geneseo to relations between the village and college. While the Lowe's debate has been highly publicized in local media, many of the candidates feel that it is important to recognize the other issues that also affect the Geneseo community.

In addition to town supervisor, there are five candidates running for two seats on the Geneseo Town Board. Incumbents and members of the Conservative Line David Dwyer and Felisimo "Hop" Manapol are seeking these positions, as well as Democrats John Zmich and Sally Wood, and Republican Patti Lavigne.

Students who are interested in learning more about the candidates for town supervisor and Town Board can attend a forum sponsored by the GOLD program in the Union Ballroom on Oct. 18 from 7 to 9 p.m.