Wegmans Review

Next time you go to Wegmans, see it as a kingdom of simple everyday foods prepared for college studens at a reasonable price. Wegmans may rarely be thought of as a restaurant, but perhaps it's time to reconsider.

When one is sick of spending meal plan money on campus or time cooking food, a five minute trip to Wegmans can satisfy any craving. The friendly, bustling atmosphere of Wegmans will put anyone in a good mood and offer a choice of many types and nationalities of foods. The Wegmans café is located off the grocery store, presenting the mixed smells of Chinese food, pizza, sushi, soups, and the Old-Fashioned Sub Shop. It may not be a sit-down-be-served restaurant, but it's not to be ignored.

With hundreds of noisy shopping carts racing through the store, the café area is a haven for good snacks or full meals. In a crowd of people with different tastes, there may be no better place in Geneseo. The Chinese food area is reasonably priced at $6.99/lb. A container of sushi can be anywhere from around $4.00 to about $7.00. The avocado wrap or California roll, with classic imitation crabmeat, avocado and cucumber rolled up with seaweed and sticky rice makes for an unforgettable dinner. Subs from the sub shop have been known to be some of the best in the area. And Wegmans pizza, thick and doughy with any number of toppings, can be a retreat from the New York style of Mama Mia's.

The café area also offers containers of food put together for individual consumers. A dish of Wegmans own macaroni-and-cheese with fluffy mashed potatoes makes for solid comfort food. There are also pre-maid salads, along with cut up wraps perfect for a quick finger-food meal or snack. On a cold winter day, the cozy environment of Wegmans will provide with a hot bowl of soup. There are usually about five different kinds to choose from.

The dining experience at Wegmans is exceptional, and on par with any other restaurant. Just be sure to budget your money, as you may find yourself going multiple times a week, or perhaps even a couple times a day.