Seneca Hall, Putnam's twin, begins ascent

Geneseo's newest residence hall, Seneca, is currently under construction. When completed, the building will resemble Putnam Hall and be situated in North Village, on the corner of Genesee and Ontario Halls, much like Putnam, which sits between Allegany and Wyoming Halls.

According to Dean of Residential Living Dr. Celia Easton, "The size is similar to Putnam: approximately 84 residents. The amenities, such as kitchen areas and lounges, will resemble those in Putnam."

Putnam is a suite-style building in the North Village, and primarily houses upperclassmen. Putnam can accommodate 82 residents, including one resident assistant on each of its four floors. On each floor, there are five suites, each comprised of a double bedroom that connects to another double bedroom via a bathroom.

"Each floor has a modern kitchenette and laundry facilities," said Media Relations Officer Mary McCrank at Putnam Hall's dedication in 2004. "Each floor has a stylish lounge or conference area, where students can meet, study or socialize."

Seneca will mimic the layout of Putnam Hall in many ways. It has a "modified corridor style, two doubles sharing a bath," said Eaaston. Despite these similarities, the designers of Seneca have spoken to residents of Putnam Hall about modifying the new building to improve its overall design.

Seneca will differ from other residence halls with its innovative heating system. According to Easton, the new installation will rely on geothermal heating, a temperature regulation system that uses water in pipes pumped from hundreds of feet below ground in wells to heat and cool the residences.

The water, once it rises to ground-level, will be warmer in the winters and cooler in the summers. This less-traditional heating source's integral features, the geothermal wells, were dug ten months ago over winter break in 2006. The new heating regulation system will also make Seneca the "greenest" dormitory in respect to heat and air conditioning energy consumption.

Putnam Hall was finished in 2004 for the fall semester, fully completed on time. Seneca has a projected completion date of fall 2008. Construction takes place Monday through Saturday and will continue as long as weather permits.