Art Stroll plans a Main Street takeover

This week will provide a new source of entertainment for the community of Geneseo. From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. this Friday, Sept. 21, the streets of Geneseo will come alive with more than the usual drunken revelry.

All along Main Street will be various sources of entertainment in what is called the "Art Stroll." There will be all different kinds of music, art and food, and everyone in the town - both students and community members alike - is invited.

Artists from all over the county will display their art, including photography, oil painting, beadwork and glasswork, in various Geneseo shops. There will also be multiple musical performances including a community steel drum band that will play in the Village Building, in conjunction with several bands - including a bluegrass jam band - that will play at the usually empty movie theater on Center Street.

At the Lockhart Gallery, where former Geneseo professor Richard Beale unveiled his exhibit "Many Visions" this past Friday, the artist will greet visitors and speak about his work and career at Geneseo. Although there was an Art Stroll over the summer for the Geneseo community, this will be the first one that will be available to the bulk of the Geneseo student population in hopes to bringing the town and the college communities together.

Heading the committee coordinating the Art Stroll is Geneseo Board of Trustees member Bob Wilcox and local artist and business entrepreneur William Wadsworth. Sundance Books owner Barry Kaplan, who many may know as the guy who plays guitar while students wait in line for books at the store, recommended students consider the Art Stroll as an opportunity to "enjoy the community that you have chosen to come to school in."

Heading up to Main Street this Friday will be a great opportunity to see what the Geneseo art community has to offer. It will certainly be a unique chance to do something new in the little town of Geneseo.