Letter to the Editor: The rest of the story

To the Editor:

Your readers may remember that last spring you published a series of letters to the editor written by a Mr. Greg Lamb critical of me personally, The Clarion newspaper, and the group I am part of, Please Don't Destroy Geneseo, due to our efforts in opposition to the construction of another big box retail development in Geneseo. Those letters, the first of which was published on March 1, are still available on your Web site.

At the time, The Clarion and I raised questions with you about Mr. Lamb's identity and interest in this matter, since he did not appear to be a local resident or have any connection to the college. Though Mr. Lamb steadfastly refused to identify himself or state his interest, subsequent investigation has revealed he is not the disinterested observer he portrayed himself to be.

Mr. Lamb lives in Venice. Florida, and is married to Mary Bondell, a Geneseo native and descendent of the Frew family, which owns the property on which this big box would be built. If this deal were to go through, the Lamb family would stand to make a substantial sum.

While he and his family have every right to sell their property, it is this unacknowledged and significant financial motive, rather than any concern for the future of the community, that motivated Mr. Lamb's cynical attacks on those he perceived as obstacles to this project.

- Dr. Bill Lofquist

Associate Professor and Chair, Sociology Department