Swain Sports moves back to Main St.

In June, Swain Sports returned to a location on Geneseo's Main Street. The sporting goods store has reoccupied its previous location, the site that previously housed Mariazza's Pizza and Pasta Restaurant.

Store manager Mark Pritchard said that the store's owner, Ken Emerson, had been interested in returning to the location because of its close proximity to Geneseo students.

The store, which has been in business for 35 years, carries a wide range of sporting equipment and sports apparel, including popular brands such as North Face and Under Armour. It also carries a variety of athletic shoes, bikes, paintball equipment, backpacks and other camping gear.

Emerson said the move was necessary in order to open the store to a wider variety of people. His hope is to make the store more involved with the Geneseo campus and its students. Pritchard said that business picked up the week the store moved, thanks to a wide variety of new customers.

Pritchard also expressed his hope for a continued increase in revenue through the new location on Main Street.

Emerson said he is looking forward to hearing students' feedback about the store. He expressed his desire to meet students' need and to be able to provide Main Street with a different kind of venue. He also hopes that the move to Main Street will help Geneseo maintain its friendly, "small town" feel.