Invasion of Privacy: Allegany Hall RD Garry Morgan is friend, mentor

Geneseo recently welcomed Brooklyn native Garry Morgan as the new residence director of Allegany Hall.

As a recent graduate of SUNY Cortland with degrees in both sociology and African-American studies, Morgan realized he had a talent for his line of work as an undergraduate. He "fell in love with affecting students' lives" while working as a resident assistant on campus. Morgan cited his academic background when explaining his success as an RA.

"Sociology is all about understanding how social factors play into others' lives," he said, an understanding that is vital to residence life. As an RA, Morgan worked under his residence director Ryan Johnson, who would later become his mentor. "He showed me what it is to be an RA," Morgan said. "You don't necessarily make the moments of a student's life, but you make the most out of them."

At Geneseo, Morgan assumes the typical responsibilities of a residence director, keeping track of maintenance and making crucial connections with the residents of Allegany. Though he has no specific plans in mind, Morgan wants to ensure that his residence hall is seen as "a very welcoming place" and is willing to take on any project that sparks his interest. His priority is making himself available and approachable to all students.

In his free time, he enjoys relaxing by playing basketball, listening to music and watching movies. At the heart of his personality, however, Morgan has a passion for helping others. Joining the ranks of freshmen and transfer students, he recently participated in the 100 Volunteers program, helping to clean up and care for the land at a local organization for children.

Though he is still new to the college, Geneseo has already made an impact on Morgan. "It's a great place, and the students here are like nowhere else," he said. "Everyone here is charged up." Fresh with memories of his own college experience, Morgan asserted that "even though it's cliché, college is the best time. Make the most of it."