Geneseo a great town for singles? Think again.

A few weeks ago, I found myself randomly reading friends' away messages out of boredom, when I came across a link that read "Geneseo students must read!" Naturally, I clicked on it. I ended up at a Rochester News broadcast proclaiming that Money Magazine had ranked Geneseo as having the 10th highest percentage of singles in the country. The slant of the news report was that its scenic views, multiple bars, numerous restaurants, and low median age made Geneseo an ideal place for singles to live. Notice the difference? So did the newscaster, evidenced by the surprised tone in her voice as she described the perks to living in this tiny little corner of the world.

It doesn't take a Geneseo student to realize that any college town is going to have a high percentage of single residents. Half the town's small population consists of 18- to 25-year-old college students: half is a pretty impressive percentage. Money Magazine evaluated only that statistic, not quality of life and opportunities for singles in the area. I sympathized with the confused 40-year-old bachelorette who seemed shocked when interviewed about the great opportunities here for singles.

Of course, Money Magazine was right about the landscape. Yes, it is beautiful in Geneseo. How many of you, however, have actually sat with a significant other and stared out at the valley for any extended period of time? Sure, it knocks off about ten minutes of the afternoon, assuming that it's not rainy, foggy or snowy and you can see the view, but, after the initial appreciation of nature's splendor, I personally want to go find something real to do. Next, please.

I don't spend a lot of time out around town or at the bar scene, but I'm thinking that the kind of single-to-single interaction one finds at 2 a.m. at The Idle after six whiskey sours isn't exactly the kind of encounter conducive to finding a soul mate. The IB hardly provides inspiration to move to Geneseo in search of that "special someone." One can find such a casual experience at any dive bar, unless you want to drink your beer while you gaze at the beautiful view and then head to one of the fabulous fast- food joints included in that "numerous restaurants" description. Sounds to me like the perfect first date.

Geneseo is a great college town, with pizza parlors and bars and the best Wal-Mart you could ask for. I'm sure there are lucky people here who have found that special someone. But, if you hit 25 and are still searching, I say take that birthday money from grandma and head to the big city - and take the Rochester news with a grain of salt.