Letter to the Editor: Medications, not gun issues should be examined

To the Editor:

It's important to look at many factors when considering situations like the Virginia Tech shooting, especially when they have such rapid response from the public. The moment of the tragedy, everyone was very fast to see that the only problem lay in handguns and a madman.

Perhaps the murderer was a little more than just angry or broken hearted though. He was, after all, on Prozac, a powerful psychotropic medication meant to treat depression which has been documented and proven to increase suicidal and violent tendencies in its subjects.

It has found its way into a lot of shootings, actually. Columbine, the fellow in the clock tower, and a few others. Instead of chasing after gun control and putting the second amendment in jeopardy, we should look into the very serious ramifications of medications that alter the brain's chemistry. People seem crazy enough without any help!

-Matt Girtler