Staff Editorial: Let's face it, your favorite band sucks—why not give WGSU a try?

If there is one media resource on the College campus that goes underutilized by many, it is undoubtedly WGSU the Revolution, Geneseo's own student-run radio station. Many are simply unaware of the variety of great material that the station offers, which is very unfortunate.

The station is run through the communication department, and its main offering is a variety of terrific indie rock spun by student DJs. The station also offers Sportswrap, a weekly sports talk show featuring student commentators, daily news broadcasts in the evening, and Sundays chock-full of specialty shows including prog rock, hip-hop, J-Pop, punk, techno and alt rock, among others. There's simply something for every musical taste. WGSU also broadcasts play-by-play action of all the Geneseo home and away hockey games which is available on the Internet - an invaluable resource for families of hockey players, many of whom live in Canada.

The problem with the radio station on this campus is that simply put, not enough people take advantage of it. WGSU offers an incredible opportunity for students to branch into new, exciting types of music - a chance too many are content to pass by in favor of their complacent daily helpings of Dave Matthews and O.A.R. Instead of throwing your very worn copy of Under The Table and Dreaming into your CD player, why not flip on 89.3 FM and hear the latest catchy offerings from Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Andrew Bird, LCD Soundsystem, and Arcade Fire? These are all acts that have received huge amounts of critical praise but whom you're not going to hear on commercial radio. The opportunity to expand one's musical horizons is unparalleled in the college environment where we're surrounded by so many people whose musical tastes are evolving, and students shouldn't miss out on the opportunity.

Campus facilities too, should take advantage of the chance to support the efforts of students. A walk through the Union or Mary Jemison Dining Hall generally offers a grotesquely overplayed offering of the same types of music, time and time again. Students hear Green Day, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, and other artists and songs we've all been subjected to millions of times and have no need to be repeatedly inundated with. Management in these buildings should play the station and respect the hard work of students to offer Geneseo a quality mix of great music that would otherwise fly completely under the radar - not bury them under a deluge of the same major-label radio songs we've all been hearing since sixth grade.

Part of the problem certainly lies in simple ignorance of the station's existence on the part of students. So let this be the end of it: Geneseo has a radio station with great DJs and an excellent variety of offerings in music, news and sports. Why would anyone not take advantage of such a great opportunity?