Lamron sports editor Chris Tripodi moves up the ladder

Current Lamron Sports Editor Chris Tripodi will be stepping up to managing editor next year. He is currently a junior at Geneseo in the journalism track that follows his major in communication.

Before coming to Geneseo, Tripodi looked at several other schools, including Ithaca and Syracuse. He decided that he would attend Geneseo because, as he explained, the school "had an excellent reputation at an affordable price." He also emphasized how Geneseo provides its students with great communication facilities outside the classroom, such as updated technology and communication-oriented clubs, which, for the relatively small population of the school, allow for hands-on learning.

Tripodi developed his passion for sports at an early age. In his time at elementary school, he was always eager to participate and become involved in anything sports-oriented. When he realized that becoming a professional athlete was beyond his capacity, Tripodi incorporated his love for sports into his passion for writing, bringing him closer to his ultimate goal of becoming an announcer in broadcast journalism. Along with his role as sports editor on The Lamron, he announces sports news on a GSTV segment known as "Sports Block." He also explained that his family inspired him to follow his dreams, telling him to go for what he wanted in life.

Tripodi started on The Lamron in his freshman year as a staff writer after he became acquainted with Frankie Annor Jr., the sports editor at the time. In his sophomore year he moved up the ladder to become the assistant sports editor as well as the business and sales manager for GSTV. During Tripodi's sophomore year, he advanced to the position of sports editor, from which he moved on to managing editor.

Tripodi explained that he loves his involvement with The Lamron, saying, "It's a really great atmosphere. We get things accomplished and receive an excellent product in the end." His determination to success doesn't

stop at the college newspaper. Tripodi is also currently involved with an internship with the Livingston County News. He began this in the fall of 2006 after it was mentioned as an opportunity through his professor Ginni Jurkowski. He is also interning at WFAN, a talk radio station in Queens.

"I love the Yankees for baseball, the Jets for football, and the Knicks for basketball," he said. His sports idol is "David Eckstein of the Saint Louis Cardinals; he goes out into the game and gives it his all." These athletes have been sources of inspirations to him as he pursues a career in broadcast journalism. In addition to his extra-curricular activities, Tripodi plays club baseball at Geneseo. He owns a collection of sports memorabilia filled with signed bats, framed plaques and posters.

Tripodi's advice to those curious about the field of communication is simple and direct: "Go out and get involved; first-hand experience is the key." He also suggests taking interesting classes which will aid in learning better than less-challenging courses.