Verizon's new cell tower will be disguised as a tree

GENESEO, N.Y. - Representatives of Verizon Wireless have proposed a location and appearance for a cell tower in an effort to win approval for it to be built off Reservoir Road.

The proposed location would be at the Bailor farm, and the appearance would be a pine tree. The original proposal was to have it built next to Geneseo's water storage tank, but this proposal is still possible.

This steel "tree" would add considerably to Verizon's costs, and would be 105 feet high at the water tank and 120 feet on the Bailor farm. While the Town Planning Board continues to favor an antenna co-location on two existing towers as the best resolution, Verizon is unwilling to build two antenna sites where one would be sufficient.

The Planning Board will meet again on May 18 to discuss Verizon's cost claims.