The Lamron staff are doing an excellent job

To the editor:

I am grateful to veteran physical plant staffer John "Toat" LaGeorge who handed me a copy of the April 5 edition of The Lamron while I was enjoying a cup of coffee at the Bank Street Bagel Shop. I was most impressed by the sheer volume of content in the paper. The lead story on Geneseo's Main Street was excellent. We are very fortunate to have a Main Street that is likely the most healthy in all of Livingston County. SUNY Geneseo students and staff continue to help keep Main Street businesses very viable, to be sure.

I also very much enjoyed the Arts and Entertainment sections as well as the Sports section. Both sections had very informative and well-written stories authored by some very talented writers.

The late SUNY Geneseo professor of English and Lamron advisor, and former college administrator BJ Keller would be very pleased with the work being done at the Lamron. She would be very proud of everyone working at the paper. May I add my own kudos to the fine work being done by The Lamron staff.

-David J. Dwyer

Class of 1973