Subaru Touch-A-Thon raises awareness for kidney disease

As part of an internship with the National Kidney Foundation, seniors Erin Reedy and Meghan Scheib organized a playoff round of the association's 2007 Subaru Touch-A-Thon on Monday afternoon in the Union ballroom. This event aimed to raise money and awareness for kidney disease while offering students the chance to win a new car. The event was also sponsored by Circle K, who helped out at the event along with members of Geneseo First Response.

Displays of the foundation's mascot, Sidney the Kidney, a cheerful and healthy internal organ, brought attention to the event. For a small donation, students participated in a game of "Sidney Says," a variation of Simon Says, while balancing a flying disc on their fingertips. The event required a great amount of attention and coordination.

Winner Andrew Russo, a freshman, said of his victory, "I just listened really well. This is for a good cause, and I hope to raise more money for it." Russo will continue on to the final round of the Touch-A-Thon at Marketplace Mall on April 28. In that portion of the contest, participants must touch a spot on the prize, a 2007 Subaru Impreza, in a certain position for four-hour lengths of time. The time interval represents the amount of time of an average dialysis procedure. The last contestant to remain touching the car for the longest amount of time will win the car. The proceeds from the Touch-A-Thon will support education programs funded by the National Kidney Foundation and different patients with kidney disorders.

Reedy noted that she first became involved with the National Kidney Foundation by finding the internship on Geneseo's Web site. Scheib agreed, "It's a great opportunity for college kids to support a nonprofit organization and to have a chance at winning a car." Similar preliminary events have been held at locations around the Rochester area, with the winners of those events going on to compete in the final round.

A representative of the foundation noted that they hope to continue events such as these at Geneseo in the future. Students who want to participate in the Touch-A-Thon can sign up at the National Kidney Founation's Web site,