Kuhn sisters lead Geneseo from the mound

Audrey and Kerry Kuhn are two outstanding players on the Geneseo women's softball team. They also happen to be sisters. Audrey, a senior elementary education major, and Kerry, a sophomore education and spanish major, both pitch and play first base for the team.

At Shenendehowa High School in Clifton, N.Y., the sisters played softball, field hockey and basketball. They both played right field and first base on their high school team and even helped Shenendehowa win the state championship in 2003, Audrey's senior year. Thanks to their strong high school program, the Kuhn sisters have not had trouble making the transition to college softball. "Neither of us pitched in high school and we pitch here so that was a bit of a change," said Kerry. Audrey added, "I pitched in eighth and ninth grade…but I never pitched on the varsity team…it was hard to adapt to pitching at the college level."

Apparently they've adapted pretty well, because the sisters finished last season as Geneseo's top two pitchers. Audrey was 11-9 last year with a 2.39 ERA and 88 strikeouts, while Kerry finished 8-7 with a 2.09 ERA and 72 strikeouts.

After high school, Audrey decided to come to Geneseo for its education program. "I really liked the school and the fact that it was [so] well known academically," she said. "[It was] where I felt most comfortable as far as softball." Two years later, Kerry followed her older sister and enrolled at Geneseo. "My sister went here…and she encouraged me to come," Kerry explained. "It is easier for our parents because they get to see both of us play at the same time."

Audrey and Kerry are very close as sisters and as teammates. "We have the same interests so it makes it easy to do things together," said Kerry. "Kerry and I are really close," Audrey added. "We basically do everything together…we have the same central group of friends which is nice." They also have a younger brother named Billy at SUNY Oneonta. "He wanted to come to Geneseo but didn't get in…this school is just getting so competitive," said Audrey.

Kerry said that her role models were her parents. "They would do anything for me," she explained. "We live four hours away so it means a lot to me when they come to our games to support us." Audrey said that her role model is Oprah Winfrey, because of her humanitarian efforts in developing countries.

Aside from attending classes and playing softball, the Kuhn sisters are also involved with several campus activities. Kerry works at the campus workout center and participates in volunteer activities with the rest of the team. Audrey spends time coaching softball pitchers at Geneseo High School. "I really am looking forward to this opportunity," she said. "I want to one day coach my own team."

After college, the girls are both interested in teaching. Kerry is undecided about whether or not she will go to grad school, but said she would like to go to Spain someday. Audrey is in the process of a job search right now. "I am looking to get a teaching job right away," she said. "I'm actually looking to move down south, around Baltimore, North Carolina or Virginia to teach." If these women can teach as well as they can play softball, they should have no trouble finding work in the future.