Democrats ask Republicans for public debate

To the editor,

This letter regards the recent "Liberal 'peace vigil' obnoxious and inappropriate" letter which was published in The Lamron on March 29.

We were also in the College Union around 8:15 p.m. when students marched through the union, and we heard their language. However, their words should not be looked at as unsupportive of troops in battle; if anything, their demonstration was an effort to protect the brave men and women who fight a war overseas at the beck and call of a lame-duck commander-in-chief.

To the College Republicans: this is not Vietnam, this is much worse. This is a war that was founded on manipulation and falsified intelligence; this is a war that began with hate. The courageous men and women at the vigil you demean were expressing their views just as you are with your care packages. And may we remind you: political protests like the ones you observed at the Union were used by our founding fathers during the revolution that gave birth to our great country. Oh, and we're pretty sure "invectives" were used then too.

You can't kick a door in and blame everyone else for not helping you to put it back up, or for pointing out the obvious. If you want to discuss this matter further, please contact us for a public debate before the end of the semester so Geneseo students may participate as well, as we're sure they have much to say. Thank you.

-College Democrats