YMCA could come to Geneseo

GENESEO, NY - According to Geneseo Town Councilman Michael Tenalio, there is the possibility that Geneseo will have its own YMCA in the not so distant future. Meetings with the Geneseo School District, ARC, and SUNY Geneseo showed positive support for the idea.

The YMCA located in Warsaw is showing a great deal of support for the concept of building a "Y" for the Geneseo community. They especially emphasized how the "Y" has a positive relationship with Genesee Community College. The YMCA itself has also voiced support and a desire to come to the town.

The issues of where it would be built and how it would be paid for remain. Tenalio stated that the YMCA is "pitching the same kind of co-location here," referring to the "Y"'s relationship with Genesee Community College. Possible locations include sharing a 30-acre plot of land with Geneseo's ARC group or building the "Y" on the SUNY campus. More difficult however, will be the task of raising money for the new building and Tenalio is hoping that if they are unable to find a generous benefactor, local families will step up and help raise funds. Families noted the need for a local pool that has more flexible hours than the high school or college pools. Local veterinarian Kate Capel is taking the fundraising initiative on full force and is reaching out to residents to make contacts.