State education budget increases don't help Rochester schools

ROCHESTER, NY - The state budget was passed on the deadline this past Sunday and was met with negative reactions from Rochester politicians. The $121 billion dollar budget for this upcoming fiscal year raises spending 7.3 percent yet leaves Rochester asking for more. Although funding was increased about $5 million, Rochester will still get less aid per capita than Syracuse.

Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy, who worked diligently in Albany to increases Rochester's aid, was very disappointed with the results.

Assemblyman Joe Morelle, a Democrat from Irondequoit said, "At the end of the day, there just weren't enough dollars to address all of the needs." In addition, the city must abide by the passing of "maintenance of effort" legislation which requires the city to pay the same amount to their school district as the other "Big Four cities," which means $119 million. As a result the city is facing a $17 million gap in the budget.