Geneseo needs public forum on Iraq War

To the editor:

More than four years on, it is high time for vocal and local Iraq war proponents, e.g., Dr. T. Everett, Dr. H. Howe and Dr. M. Mitschow, to take responsibility for their support of President Bush's drive to war. Republicans claim to be the party of "personal responsibility," so it shouldn't be difficult for these war proponents to either reaffirm or renounce the arguments they made. I contend that these arguments were incorrect and have led to the worst suffering the people of Iraq have

ever experienced and to the squandering of over 5,000 lives and limbs among a total 26,635 American casualties.

The main purpose of this letter is to encourage student groups to attempt to arrange a public forum where either reaffirmation or renunciation of past arguments and discussion of current policy choices can take place. I have tried to arrange such campus forums with Iraq war proponents in the past to no avail; perhaps student groups will have better luck. In addition to personal recollections, past arguments are archived to some extent in text and perhaps in video shot by GSTV and/or CIT.

-Dr. Anthony J. Macula

Associate Professor of