Activity Fee referendum passes, Quinn reelected SA president

Geneseo's Student Association (SA) held their annual elections from March 26-28 for the 2007-2008 school year.

Current SA President Brendan Quinn, a junior, won reelection with 592 votes against senior James Bryant's 228. Current SA Vice President Jarah Magan, a junior, ran unopposed.

Current Junior Class President Adam Gross will become the new SA director of business affairs after a close race against sophomore Brian Reilly. Gross received 354 votes to Reilly's 320. Two-year veteran of SA Nick Guy was reelected to his current position as SA director of student programming with 458 votes against junior Jessica O'Connor's 319.

Junior Vinita Mishra will step in to the position of SA director of inter-residence affairs after earning 457 votes against 289 votes for challenger Matthew Thackston, a junior.

Sophomore Chad Salitan ran unopposed for the position of SA director of public relations, along with Sophomore Diana Zuniga who ran unopposed for the position of SA director of academic affairs. SA director of student affairs will go to Vanessa Estrada, who ran unopposed for the position.

During this election students also voted on the Mandatory Student Activities Fee Referendum, as mandated by New York State law. The referendum passed with 909 students voting the keep the $85 fee mandatory and 136 voting to make it voluntary.

In class elections, the 2007-2008 sophomore class will be headed by Colleen McNamara. Matt Rucinski will serve as vice president. Emily Kate O'Leary will serve at secretary while Ryan Joyce won the position of treasurer. All ran for their positions unopposed.

2007-2008's junior class featured no candidates for any position, but the senior class of next academic year will have Niki Gaiter as president.