Man claims harassment for voicing opinion

To the editor:

I must have made a mistake. I disagreed with the Please Don't Destroy Geneseo (PDDG) group. About two weeks ago I sent a letter to the editor of The Lamron expressing my opinion in favor of the Lowe's project.

Since contacting The Lamron, I have received many e-mails that have been quite disheartening. The authors of those e-mails shall remain unnamed. I have been accused of being a fake person, sending a letter using a pseudonym, intimidating, harassing, lying and damaging. I have been threatened with legal action and have been asked several times who I was, where I live, if I worked for Lowe's or Newman and have generally, in my opinion, been harassed and intimidated myself.

Can you imagine that all of this is over my opinion that the Lowe's project would be good for the economy of Geneseo by increasing the tax base and providing jobs? Based upon the militant (my take) responses, I must have made a mistake by voicing an opinion about Lowe's. I also have an opinion about the war in Iraq but, I can assure you, I do not live in Baghdad.

But, all of this has caused me to form another opinion. PDDG should change their name from "Please Don't Destroy Geneseo" to "Please Don't DisaGree".

-Greg Lamb