Letter to the Editor: Liberal "peace vigil" obnoxious and inappropriate

To the editor:

This letter regards the recent "Peace Vigil" against the Iraq War which took place on Monday, March 19. It's good to support idea of peace, but there was nothing peaceful about this "vigil." Dozens of students marched through the College Union around 8:15 p.m. shouting "1234, We don't want your F***ing war. 5678, Stop the violence, stop the hate!"

College Republicans, who were meeting at the time preparing care packages for the troops in Iraq, found this "vigil" extremely ironic, considering the fact that the protesters were calling for an end to "hate" using the f-word, and that at the same time they were shouting for an end to violence we were readying care packages for troop members, which was a far better, more practical and more compassionate way to support the soldiers who give their lives every day in Iraq than shouting invectives.

We have a message for those who took part in the "vigil": this is not Vietnam. Loud and obnoxious political protests under the cover of "peace vigils" will hardly convince anyone who thinks the troops should stay in Iraq that the war should end immediately or that it should never have begun. Your liberal shout fest was inappropriate and counter-productive.

-College Republicans