Letter to the Editor: Law firm ad justifies drinking and driving in Geneseo

To the editor:

I am a freshman and I am writing this letter in regards to an ad that appeared in the March 1, 2007 edition of the The Lamron. Page 12 ran an ad for the Wisner & Wisner, LLP firm, advertising the fact that all of their cases were for DWI defense. I was shocked that such an ad was allowed to run in a college newspaper.

What kind of message are you trying to send the students who read the paper? That it's okay to drink and drive because this law firm will get them out of trouble? It shouldn't matter that this firm is willing to pay for ad space. As a member of my high school paper I know there would be no way that such an ad would be allowed to run in our paper even of we needed the money. It shouldn't matter that this is a college paper. It still sends the same message, that we won't have to take responsibility for our actions should we get caught drinking and driving.

Needless to say, seeing this ad greatly shocked and saddened me. I can't say that I will be reading the paper any time soon as a result, as well.

-Allison Bouton