Lake and Valley Clarion ceases

GENESEO - On Mar. 22, the Lake and Valley Clarion printed its last issue after 18 years of publication. Publisher Corrin Strong of Clarion Publications sold the Clarion's name and subscription lists to Publisher Harold Johnson of Johnson Newspaper Corporation, with all of its subscriptions given to the Livingston County News.

Clarion Publications will continue to operate its copy center but has agreed not to compete in the weekly news business with the Livingston County News. Strong has also expressed that it was time "to do something else" but explained that community dealings would continue to be a high priority.

According to Johnson, "We viewed this as a great opportunity to consolidate our leadership position in the Livingston County market." This deal leaves no full time job openings for Clarion employees at the Livingston County News, however there has been interest expressed in hiring some of the Clarion's freelance reporters.