Fury frontman brings the rock to Geneseo

Syracuse band The Fury will be playing this Friday, March 30, at the Statesmen on Court Street. Their show begins at 10:30 p.m. The Lamron sat down with Fury lead singer Mick Fury for an enlightening interview.

The Lamron: So first off, I have to ask…is your real name Mick Fury?

Mick Fury: (Laughs) Of course it is! Hell of a name to have, isn't it?

The Lamron: So who is in the lineup of The Fury?

MF: Well you have me, Mick Fury, the frontman and singer for the group. We also have Alex Walker on the bass and José Verona on the drums. We're a power trio. This current incarnation of The Fury has been in business for about three month, and I've been the driving force of something or other resembling this for the last three years.

The Lamron: So Mick, where are you from originally?

MF: I was born and raised in Syracuse, and have been hanging around these parts for most of my life. However, I did live for two years in Hollywood, from Oct. 2004 to around Oct. 2006. Since then, I've come back and I've been working the local scene.

The Lamron: What about the other members of the band?

MF: José is from Syracuse, too. Well he was born in Cuba actually, he'll kill me if I didn't get that part right! Oh, and Alex hails from the Adirondack region, near Plattsburgh. I'd like to add that we've all been to Geneseo before, and that it really has a awesome bar scene. Those stiff drinks at Kelly's will knock you on your ass, man!

The Lamron: How old are you, anyway?

MF: Me? I'm 24. Everybody in the band is in their early 20s.

The Lamron: So how would you describe the music you play, Mick?

MF: That's a hard question, man. I don't know, I'm not sure what to say. I mean it's rock. It's fun upbeat stuff, stuff you could have great sex to. And should.

The Lamron: (Laughs) When you were growing up what kind of music inspired you?

MF: To tell you the truth, I listened to a lot of Allman Brothers as a kid. I always loved Southern rock, and I think you can see that reflected in a lot of our covers. Most of our stuff is original, but I can't resist throwing in a Southern rock cover in once in a while. As for image or behavior, growing up I wanted to be like the guys in Mötley Crüe more than anything in the world. I wanted to live that lifestyle: the parties, drinking, drugs, sex. I did some of that when I lived in Hollywood. But even though I was living like a rock star, I wasn't actually famous. That's why I felt it was important to come back here, to get a fresh start.

The Lamron: Speaking of career goals, where do you think The Fury will be in five years?

MF: (Laughs) Playing naked at the Grammys, if I have anything to say about it! (Pauses) If we live that long.

The Lamron: What about 10 years?

MF: Bankrupt, chilling with [MC] Hammer. Once again, if we live that long.

The Lamron: To wrap it all up, what current artist or band do you really like?

MF: A lot of people are going to rag on me for this, but I think that Nickelback is really a top-notch outfit. Their songwriting is great, and (pauses) if we were ever as successful as they are, I can tell you I would be very pleased. Beyond that, there's so many great bands running around these days, but I would also say that The Raconteurs, Jack White's new band, is something really special.

The Lamron: Ok, really hard question now. What's your overall, all-time favorite band?

MF: Man, you ask hard questions…I don't think that it's my all-time favorite, but I love Journey. (Laughs) There, I admitted it! Now all my friends can rip me apart for it.

You can find out more about The Fury on www.mickfury.com, and at www.myspace.com/mickfury. The Fury can also be purchased on iTunes.