CIT systems incompatible with Vista operating system, students find

Windows released its new operating system, Vista, on Jan. 30. The system took years to produce, and has arrived with very high expectations among its users. However, despite its upgrades, Vista comes with its share of problems that have made it difficult for students at Geneseo who have upgraded to Vista or purchased a new computer that uses the system to integrate their computers with current campus technology.

Geneseo Computing and Information Technology (CIT) has been attempting to work through these problems as quickly as possible. Geneseo senior Martin Duffy recently bought a Vista computer but was unable to connect to ResNet in his dorm. Duffy contacted CIT, but was disappointed in the responses he got. He claimed to have contacted CIT and spoken with a student working there who told him to call back the next day. Following their instructions, he spoke with another student who was unable to give him satisfactory answers. "They basically told me they are having problems getting it running. They didn't give me a timetable, they just said 'wait a while.'"

Duffy was also concerned that CIT did not anticipate these integration problems. "I basically got the impression that they had no idea that there would be an issue, and I was the first person who brought it up."

CIT Director Susan Chichester and CIT Assistant Director of User Services Laurie Fox acknowledged that there have been issues with Vista both on campus at Geneseo and around the country. Chichester commented, "Right now, the world is kind of scrambling to work with Vista. We're learning along the way. It's all new to everybody." She also mentioned that there are certain programs such as Geneseo's wireless system which are not currently working on Vista. However, some programs that had not been compatible with Vista have recently become compatible, such as the Symantec AntiVirus which is provided to students by the College. Fox noted that if students are having problems with Vista, they should come into the CIT office and speak with a professional. "I would encourage any student who is dissatisfied with the service that they receive from the help desk to speak with a professional CIT employee." CIT also published an article about the Vista situation in the March edition of its online NewsBytes newsletter.

Other Geneseo students have had varying levels of success with using Vista at Geneseo. Freshman Michael Skovira got Vista a few weeks ago, and senior Daniel FitzGibbons has been using the system as a beta since the fall. Skovira noted, "I heard there's a lot of problems but I haven't had any. Some programs don't work as well as they should, but it's still new." FitzGibbons felt that Geneseo has been a bit behind in being ready for Vista, but also noted that the school certainly isn't alone in that capacity. "I think they're a little late on being ready, but then again the rest of the world is too," he said.

CIT hopes to be able to tell students which systems they recommend for compatibility on campus by the end of the semester. FitzGibbons recommends downloading the system to anyone whose computer has a good enough system in place. Skovira recommends it as well, but not for those without Windows experience.