Students treated to a second "snow day"

On Tuesday, March 6, students got a day off due to inclement weather conditions for the second time this semester. The snow-free snow day was a result of dangerous road conditions, near white-out visibility, and a cutting windchill which caused temperatures to fall as low as minus 20 during the night.

Provost Dr. Katherine Conway-Turner, in consultation with University Police, made the decision to cancel day and evening classes out of concern for "the safety of students, faculty and staff…I can only imagine how awful we'd all feel if we had classes go on, and one or more people were seriously hurt trying to get to class or campus," she said.

The last time administrators cancelled classes due to winter weather conditions was earlier this year on February 14. That decision was made by Dr. Kenneth Levison, vice president of administration, and also in consultation with University Police.

According to Dr. Leonard Sancilio, dean of students, Geneseo had not cancelled classes since 1993. Conway-Turner could not verify if this was the first ever double snow day in one semester.