Student Association Elections: MEET THE CANDIDATES

SA President

BRENDAN QUINNQuinn, the current SA President, is running for re-election this year. A junior majoring in history and political science with a minor in public administration, Quinn wishes to continue to serve as an "effective voice for the students for another year." As SA president, it would be Quinn's goal to "persuade the College to publish a booklist… [so as] to provide a campus-wide textbook exchange, which will be overseen by SA staff." Quinn said that under his guidance, many achievements have been made by SA. For example, he has reformed election procedures and financial policies, as well as the contracting process for clubs and organizations. If not re-elected, Quinn vows to continue his participation with SA at the standing committee level.

JAMES BRYANTBryant, a senior history major, aspires to be "a true advocate of the students, one that seeks to foster a sense of empowerment in other students, encourages cooperation between students to overcome common obstacles, and in general, strengthens the channels of communication." Bryant has been a member of the SUNY Student Assembly for three years, which is the student government of the SUNY system. With this organization, he has worked with 64 SUNY campuses as the Student Government Relations. As president, Bryant would seek to improve interactions between SA and the rest of campus, "increase solidarity and teamwork between clubs" and "increase student empowerment." "As President," said Bryant, "I will be more than willing to set up meetings [to] talk with administrators… I will also make SA a place where you can come to learn how to create changes [here at Geneseo] yourself."

SA Director of Business Affairs

ADAM GROSSCurrently holding the position of junior class president, Gross is in the running for the position of SA director of business affairs. With dreams of some day becoming a financial analyst, the role of director of business affairs would not only give Gross the chance to "have more pull on campus" but also give him the opportunity to train for his future career. Confident that he could handle the pressure of such a stressful role in Student Association, Gross looks forward to "getting more involved in campus affairs."

BRIAN REILLYRielly is a sophomore accounting major. By running for SA director of business affairs, Reilly hopes to "inform students more about SA, how SA affects them and many of the clubs they join, and why they should care more about how their mandatory fee is handled." Reilly said his aim would be to promote clubs and activities, and he would like to ensure that every student benefits from that opportunities that SA and its organizations have to offer.

SA Director of Student Programming

NICHOLAS GUYGuy, a member of Activities Commission (AC) for two years, is running for re-election as director of student programming. "I feel that the student programming is an important piece of the college experience, and I truly have a passion for it," said Guy. Guy is also confident that his participation in AC has prepared him to be knowledgeable about programming, management, and effective leadership. If re-elected, it is his goal to "maintain the very high level of programming that is seen today and to help serve all of the programmers on the board in their work," said Guy. He continued, "I would also like to be an outlet for students looking to program events and do other things here on campus."

JESSICA O'CONNORO'Connor, a junior, is running for SA director of student programming. As Limelight Coordinator for Activities Commission (AC) for two and half years, O'Connor has developed a passion for AC as well as for the other programming that exists for the students here at Geneseo. With this position, she would like the opportunity to foster closer relationships with student groups on campus and expand her already extensive programming experience. As director of student programming, O'Connor would like to "foster a better relationship between the Student Association's executive board and other student groups." Essentially, she would like to expand this relationship so that the student organizations on campus are aware of the "amazing resources available to them." "Above all," said O'Connor, "I just want all the students at SUNY Geneseo to believe in the fact that there is always something fun to do or be involved in at Geneseo!"

SA Director of Inter-Residence Affairs

MATTHEW THACKSTONThackston, a junior, is running for the position of director of inter-residence affairs. As part of the Inter-Residence Council (IRC) and residence life for a few years now, Thackston wishes to "continue the good work done by the IRC." Furthermore, he wants to "be able to work with the IRC executive board as well as with hall councils, SA, and other groups on campus so as to improve life for those living on campus." Thackston's credentials include involvement with IRC, Hall Council, the National Residence Hall Honorary, Residence Life, and the North East Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls. His specific goals if elected include improving the relationships between IRC and students so that students "can use the IRC to help them with their programming and to limit misunderstandings so as to improve the IRC's image on campus." He would aim to improve relations between IRC and NRHH through collaborations. Thackston said he wishes to be a voice for the students and "act as a liaison between the administration and the on-campus student body."

VINITA MISHRAMishra is a junior running for the position of SA director of inter-residence affairs. As a member of Inter-Residence Council (IRC) for three years, Mishra is confident that she understands the organization quite well and wishes "to see it grow and further its development." For Mishra, it is important that "the IRC works closely with all aspects of the College." With this in mind, she would like to see IRC work harder towards involvement in civic engagement through educational and community programs. She also wants to continue her work with IRC to "develop and stabilize hall councils…so that students can use their hall councils as a way to build a strong community, rather than spending each year rebuilding from scratch."

The following offices will also be voted upon during elections. These students are running unopposed:SA Vice President - Jarah MaganDirector of Public Relations - Chad SalitanDirector of Academic Affairs - Diana ZunigaDirector of Student Affairs - Vanessa Estrada