Claim that Clarion refused to print Lowe's letter a mistake

To the editor:

Last week I sent a letter to you voicing my opinion in favor of the Lowe's project. Within that letter, I stated that I had sent several letters to the Lake and Valley Clarion that were not published. My letters were sent to the address noted in the Clarion's e-mail site as Upon sending those letters, I received no "bounceback" reply that they did not go through and did not receive any subsequent e-mail stating that I used an invalid e-mail address.

Thus, I made what I believe to be a reasonable assumption that the letters were received by the Clarion.

Apparently, my assumption was incorrect. Based on recent information that I have received, the Clarion denies receiving such letters. Therefore, I apologize to Mr. Corrin Strong and the Clarion for making what I thought was a reasonable assumption. My intent was not to harm Mr. Strong or his newspaper but rather to simply support the Lowe's project. My apologies.

-Greg Lamb