Alumni Career Partners Profile: Anthony Roig '81 Recruitement consultant Drexel University

How often have we heard that college is the best four years of our lives? And who says that the good times have to end after graduation?

Tony Roig, Class of 1981, was able to make a career out of college. As the senior consultant for recruitment at Drexel University, Roig spends the better part of his day on Drexel's campus, where he is able to interact with students, faculty and staff, take part in college events, and utilize campus facilities and resources.

Roig's position at Drexel is very people-oriented and relies heavily on communication skills. A typical day involves responding to e-mails and phone calls, composing letters, researching information, taking part in meetings and most importantly, interacting with people. Roig feels the best part of his job is the opportunity given to him to help others and provide a valued service.

"Seek out work experiences to gain customer service, computer proficiency, and organization skills," is Roig's advice to students interested in this type of work. While his job at Drexel provides ample opportunity for some fun, Roig admits that his days are sometimes composed of administrative tasks and that long hours are required on occasion. But it is programs like Alumni Career Partners that reward Roig for his hard work and he enjoys sharing knowledge and aiding others. His advice to students: "Set goals and take risks to achieve them."

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