7 Tips for Spring Break

Tip #1: Sleep on the car ride home.

Clench your teeth through the rest of midterm week and then take your energy back for Spring Break. If you don't want to sleep away your vacation, get a full car ride of rest... unless you're in the driver's seat.

Tip #2: Sweep up the last pile of dust on the floor.

If your professors gave you homework, do it the day after you get home. There's nothing worse than the feeling of unfinished business when you're trying to relax, and nothing better than coming back to school with a clean slate.

Tip #3: Try something new.

Go somewhere you've never been. Eat something you've always shied away from. Go from video games to sports, or vice versa. Anything that changes the scenery and routine of college life will be refreshing.

Tip #4: Renew your New Year's Resolution.

New Year's Day may be a nice excuse to be all you can be, but it's just a day like any other. Now that school is on the back-burner, stop kicking yourself for lack of progress and make up that lost ground.

Tip #5: Follow your bliss.

It's easy to let the demands of school steal you from things that truly make you happy. Hunched over computers, books and notes, we can almost forget how to be happy. Return to the things you truly love doing.

Tip #6: Act as if spring is already here.

Walk through nature or run through a park as though it were spring. It's clearly not. But by simply acting as though the weather is warm and the season is fresh, you can begin to feel the feelings that come with spring.

Tip #7: Savor every second

Eventually, we begin to miss Geneseo life, which is a good sign. At this point, you've ensured that the plaque of midterm week has been chipped away and that returning to school will be as liberating as leaving it was the week before. But still enjoy the alternative pleasures that Spring Break has to offer.