Professor Lofquist wrong in assessment of Lowe's project

To the editor:

I have been unsuccessful in getting a letter printed in the Lake and Valley Clarion that supports the Lowe's project. I know the reason for the letters not being printed as it is overly obvious that the Clarion will not allow those in favor of the project to appear in print. With the position that Dr. Bill Lofquist has taken on the project, I doubt that you will print supporting submissions either but, I thought I would give it a shot.

Lofquist harps not on a lack of economic gain but rather a transfer of spending from the local merchants to the Lowe's. Did this occur when Super Wal-mart opened? How many businesses closed as a result of Wal-mart? In terms of taxes and jobs, it appears that the tax base increase would be a big boost for the town.

In terms of jobs, I wonder if Lofquist has considered part-time opportunities for students of "his" college. Another point made is the issue of traffic on residential streets, like North Street, for example.

I have seen North Street mentioned in several of the Clarion articles. Did anyone ever stop to find out upon what street Lofquist resides? Hint....North Street. The view is a fairly new issue. No one seemed worried about the view before the Lowe's project was proposed? No one worries about the views when the College adds new buildings.

The issue of the view is just another excuse to oppose the project as Lofquist and his loyal followers are running out of excuses. Let the Lowe's project proceed. It will be good for the economic growth of Geneseo, it will increase tax revenue and it will provide job opportunities that do not now exist.

-Greg Lamb