Geneseo marks its 175th anniversary with five-month-long celebration

GENESEO, N.Y. - Last week plans were announced to celebrate the upcoming 175th anniversary of the Village of Geneseo. Geneseo was officially incorporated into the New York State Legislature on April 21, 1832. The celebration of the town's founding will span five months, from April 21 to Sept. 29.

Events will begin with a breakfast at The Big Tree Inn as well as the ringing of church bells at 9:30 a.m. Horse-drawn carriages will leave the Inn, carrying someone acting as the first "president" of Geneseo, and will carry the charter of incorporation which will be delivered to current mayor Richard Hatheway.

The conclusion of the summer celebration will end with the commencement parade of the Genesee Valley Hunt, after which a large Anniversary Parade will be held.

Plans are still in the works for events throughout the summer, but some already scheduled events include a dinner with the original owners of the Big Tree Inn on April 25, a display of Cold War-era artifacts from James Wadsworth at the Livingston Country Historical Society, a tour of the village's historic homes on May 16, and free refreshments on Sept. 15 at Geneseo's various churches. More details on upcoming events should be known later this spring.