NOW wasting their time on intramural scoring policy

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the "Geneseo NOW seeks input on intramural scoring policy" letter printed in the Feb. 15 edition. I believe it to be a joke that the Geneseo NOW organization is focusing on this out of all the problems here on campus.

Is changing the scoring policy in intramural sports going to really further women's rights? As a broomball staff member I see way too many broomball games. But in watching these games I see that the men pass the ball to the women more so that they can score the goals, as every team wants to win and get as many points as they can.

The 1:2 scoring ratio is not only a Geneseo thing, as it is a nationwide rule which promotes participation in intramurals, not inequality, and to think of it as that is uncalled for. The fact that you all have debated this is a joke. When you join the co-ed league, you join to play for fun and allowing for a female goal to count as double is more fun for everyone involved.

The 1:2 ratio does not imply that women are inferior to men in the sport of broomball as you suggest; rather, it promotes teamwork and passing and allows for more female participation within the game. If this is the hot-button issue pressing Geneseo NOW, I suggest they take a step back and look at the world and put this in perspective.

-Matt Brady