Students show a disturbing level of apathy

Despite the fact that life at college seems incredibly hectic, it is one of the most open times in a person's life. It is only at this time that individuals possess not only the intellect, but also the time, energy and determination to affect and experience the world.

Often, we see that, in the later stages of life, people who no longer have the time, energy or freedom from commitment that they had in their youth may regret the choices they made and seek to impress upon the younger generation the importance of endearing themselves to an unknown aspect of the world.

Why then, despite the efforts of old folks, parents and grade school teachers, is it the general feeling of this new generation that such worldly endeavars are largely a waste of time? This feeling is written in drastic, broad strokes across the whole spectrum of society.

Even entertainment of the younger generation now focuses on the use of glorified social animosity to ensure viewer loyalty.

Indeed, despite the various activist organizations on campus, the majority of the college scene seems to submit to this "who cares?" Mentality, often not going to any length at all to disguise this apathy as something less distasteful like an excessive work habit. I find this apathy to be the manifestation of considerable ignorance about the true condition of the underprivileged world.

Even more distressing is that while some seek to change the condition of the world through dialogue, others in low simplicity maintain that the world cannot be changed and so they can do little more than wallow in pessimism and self-pity. This bizarre behavior almost seems like a kind of Munchausen's syndrome whereby hope is seen a progress toward health.

Even the College administration itself sometimes promotes this kind of apathy. Heaven forbid that students undertake some venture that doesn't bear fruit attractive to alumni donors or new students.

It's not that I want the College to throw money at everyone and then triple tuition or that I am suggesting every person use their free time like Mother Teresa. What I am suggesting is what our professors and parents sometimes allude to when they talk about what they did during college. By that, I mean what they thought they were doing when they were chanting "Hey, hey LBJ how many boys did you kill today?"

This incredibly distasteful phenomenon should not be deemed a self-fulfilling prophecy that is just a part of life. It should be deemed childlike selfishness that has no place in any institution of higher learning.