Student criticizes "Incidental Amusements"

To the editor:

I am writing in response to Joe Kausch's column "Incidental Amusements" in the Feb. 8 edition of The Lamron. Has our society really digressed to the point where this nonsense is considered humor?

I've never thought this column was worth reading, but I would scan it anyway each week to see what vulgar, childish words and ideas the author could come up with.

This last week however, I found the article not only humorless, but tactless. I suppose the author somehow thought the line "...I don't want all of those amusing stories stomped out by the memory of some kid that probably ended up being a car accident statistic" would trigger all sorts of laughs.

Excuse me Joe, but how is that funny? I hope those voices in your head keep on guffawing at the idea of people you meet becoming car accident victims.

Normally I would just ignore the pathetic attempt at humor that is "Incidental Amusements" by Joe Kausch but I just had to let you at The Lamron know that the average reader of your paper has an IQ above 25.

-John H. Magee