Harrison's quiet star leads to Super Bowl

The Indianapolis Colts' Marvin Harrison is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. He is also one of the quietest. Harrison is a classy, humble, and hard working professional who always puts the team first. Fans will never see him yelling at coaches, asking for more catches, or milking the media for more attention. He just goes out on the field, plays as hard as he can, and puts up great numbers.

Terrell Owens, on the other hand, is the anti-Harrison. He is a self-centered, arrogant and classless player who ruins the team chemistry of every club he plays for. From quarterbacks Jeff Garcia of the San Francisco 49ers and Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles to coaches Steve Mariucci and Bill Parcells, Owens has attacked respectable players and coaches for not catering to his demands. He is never happy with his role in the offense, even if he is the primary receiver. Owens makes the news for his outrageous behavior, while Harrison is recognized for his great play and winning attitude.

In the ultimate example of NFL justice, Harrison is on his way to the Super Bowl. He has a chance to add a championship ring to an already brilliant career. His hard work and dedication to the sport of football is an inspiration to all who watch him. Harrison is a real role model, instead of the outspoken Owens. Harrison doesn't choreograph elaborate end zone dances; he simply hands the ball to the referee and tries to get back there again. Harrison has spent the past decade tearing up opposing defenses, averaging 93 receptions, 1,245 yards, and 11 touchdowns per season. He has been named to the Pro Bowl in nine out of his 11 seasons, and has set or broken numerous receiving records.

Former Buffalo Bills head coach and current general manager Marv Levy has been quoted as saying "Terrell Owens is a guy that has to go out there and get recognized for his antics and celebrations, while a guy like Marvin Harrison wants to be recognized for his play on the field, not his antics or celebrations. That's the kind of receiver you want on your team." Truer words have never been spoken, and Harrison's play and tremendous character have taken him all the way to the Super Bowl. He gets a chance to prove himself on the NFL's biggest stage, and he has undoubtedly earned this opportunity.

Let's hope other receivers, including Owens, will follow his actions.