Renovation of Erie Hall estimated to be complete in 2008

Construction on Erie Hall, which began in Fall 2005, will continue this semester. The approximate date of completion for this particular project is January 2008. Contrary to the buzz around the Geneseo campus, the renovations on this building were not supposed to finish this semester, according to Director of Facilities Planning and Construction Jeffrey Kaplan.

"I had heard several rumors that Erie was supposed to be done already," said junior Steve Schirmer. "I figured that that's what was causing the overcrowding on campus, but I guess it wasn't true."

Kaplan noted that the renovation of Erie is the most comprehensive of any of the buildings. These improvements include decentralized laundry rooms, new fire alarm systems, removal of asbestos, and kitchenettes in each of the lounges. Some students are curious about the fence surrounding the hall. According to Kaplan, this fence is only in place to protect the construction site from possible intruders.

"When they first put the fence up I was wondering why it was even there," said sophomore Lakshmi Narendran. "Break-ins must be more of a threat than I thought."

In addition to the continued renovations on Erie, many new projects will prolong the presence of construction crews around campus. Construction on a new residence dormitory, Seneca Hall, and reconstruction of the Union Plaza will begin within the next few months.