Innovative performers bring a Break of Reality

There could not be a more appropriate name than Break of Reality for the unforgettable band that performed in Wadsworth Auditorium on Saturday, Jan. 20. The concert helped take stressed out students from their first week of classes to a whole new world: a place where music is not strictly defined by genre, and cellos most certainly can rock out.

The group members were all classically trained at the Eastman School of Music, but their music is a closely intertwined blend of classical and rock. Each seemingly different style complemented and molded the other in a way that seemed natural and gave a chilling depth and intensity to their music. The instruments were also an unpredictable blend: who knew three cellos and a drum set sounded so great together? The cellos themselves took on a sound resembling guitars in this ensemble.

In the first half of the show, the band played their acoustic music. The music was very rhythmic and brought the audience forward in their chairs. Bright lights accentuated the music as the cellists and the drummer sat in a line on the stage. Throughout the set, members took turns performing alone on stage. After around 45 minutes, the band took a break and Christopher, a cellist, announced that "It was about to get loud!"

The second half was even more exciting, with the players coming out into the audience and amplifiers pumping the sound into the auditorium.

They also did stunts, including standing up and leaning towards the audience or having one member hold up the cello while another musician bowed. They employed some inventive techniques, such as using the back of the bow as a percussion instrument.

Break of Reality has two albums out, The Sound Between, and Voiceless. More information is available on their Web site,