Letter to the Editor: Former copy editor compliments Lamron's changes

To the editor,

When I was a freshman at Geneseo back in 2001, I recall the times in the now defunct Union dining hall (there was once a Taco Bell there; when it was shut down, the period of void before it reopened in Mary Jemison was sheer torture) when I used to read the free Lamrons that were distributed in the Union. I went to eat every Thursday or Friday and when I read the paper, I always thought that I could do a far better job than some of the current staff members were doing at the time, particularly in the sports department. Still, I sat idle in Onondaga Hall and continued to play fantasy sports and NHL 2002, and like that, freshman year came and went.

Next year, as a sophomore, I decided that I might want to give things a try. I inquired to the editor in chief at the time, walked to the Union, and was quickly met by the sports editor, who showed me the ropes and quickly gave me an assistant sports copy editor position. Since that time, I progressed from a role that took a few hours each week into more enjoyable positions (assistant sports editor) and more demanding ones (copy editor).

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with The Lamron, and feel that it was actually one of the most important decisions that I made while at Geneseo. However, this isn't an advertisement for signing up. There are marketing departments for that. This is instead a comment on a note that Editor in Chief Jacob Kriss wrote in his column in the Oct. 26 edition of The Lamron.

One thing that I always noticed during the nearly three years that I was with the paper was the constant strive for improvement, which is what Kriss mentioned in his treatise. Just as students progressed up through the ladder of The Lamron, so did the quality of the product. Admittedly, the paper is on a lower tier of student importance than studies and other issues, so it wasn't uncommon to see some flaws with a student paper that is just that - the sole work of students. Very little assistance is provided outside of the actual work that goes into it every week, so, if slacking occurred, it was reflected in the end result.

What I would like to say here is the 2006-07 incarnation of The Lamron, in print and online, is an effort that I am extremely proud of. It looks light years better than some versions of the paper, which reflects highly on our school and its students. I'd like to congratulate the entire staff for making such a concerted effort to keep the paper improving. To other Geneseo students, I would say that whether you support the paper or not, please take a second look. This year's staff (not to take anything away from prior ones) has really brought some new energy and ideas to The Lamron, and they look great so far.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to stopping by at some point - I still think the old office should be bronzed, but just like the paper, change happens, usually for the better. I'd like to think I contributed a lot to the paper since the time when I first stepped in - and Kriss has done just that and more. To be honest, when he stepped into the office for the first time, and I was the editor with the experience and tutelage, I didn't see it coming, but I'm pleased it has.

-Ed McGrogan '05

Lamron Alumni