Geneseo student accused of stabbing two in early Friday morning brawl

On Friday, Dec. 1, Geneseo senior Nicholas Baratto was arrested for stabbing two Geneseo village residents in the thigh in an altercation across Center Street from the Idle Hour bar.

The encounter between Baratto, Timothy Gilmore and Gary Gerace ultimately became physical. Baratto was arrested by the Livingston County Sheriff's Department and is currently free on $2,500 bail. No charges have been filed as of yet. Both Gerace and Gilmore were treated at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester and released.

Rumors have circulated around the Geneseo campus that the incident was drug-related, but they are unsubstantiated at this time.

The owner of the Idle Hour, who would not give his name, stressed that at no time during the night were any of the parties involved with the incident inside the bar. The bar itself was closed for the night at the time of the incident. The owner did state that employees of the bar witnessed the fight and were the first to report it to the police. Those employees have since been subpoenaed to testify in court and could not comment for legal reasons.

Those who know Baratto paint a portrait different to the one witnessed by employees of the Idle Hour. Senior Ashley Connolly has known Baratto since 2003. Besides being familiar at Geneseo, the two live in relatively close proximity to each other near Albany, N.Y, resulting in a close friendship. "He has always been a great guy - easy-going, and generally always happy." Others, who wished to remain anonymous, have stated that they couldn't picture Baratto committing the violent act. "I've always thought Nick was a really nice guy. When I've seen him out he's very friendly," one student said.

According to the College Undergraduate Bulletin, any physical or verbal abuse, intimidation, or harassment of another person, including killing, assaulting, battering, stalking, sexually assaulting, or sexually harassing another person, is a direct violation of the College Code of Conduct. Should the College act on the offense pending Baratto's trial, sanctions could include loss of privileges, suspension, or dismissal from the College.