Fresh from recent construction, College forced to undo work

GENESEO, N.Y. - Recently outside of the College Union, there has been a large-scale excavation of the newly created parking zone. Much of what was dug up was a recently landscaped retaining wall.

Director of College Union and Activities Charles "Chip" Matthews stated that the work was being done "in order to make some necessary repairs to the high pressure steam and condensate lines that supply the Schrader and Merritt Athletic Center buildings."

This has resulted in the traffic loop being closed to all vehicles. The closing forced the local bus system, Livingston Area Transportation Services, to move its normal stop location "to the lower end of the loop by the crosswalk to Schrader," as stated on the Geneseo Transportation Services Web site. This change also applies to the Geneseo-Rochester weekend service and the local daily service.

The construction comes under the jurisdiction of the facilities services department of the College, which oversees many campus facilities.

Updates for the repairs have been available to students via e-mails from the university.

Students can find updates by visiting the Facilities Services Web site at http://